Certified Microblading

“I want to be able to help not only those that just want fuller brows, but I want to help the ones male or female, that have lost their brows whether it be through Cancer, Birth Defects, Alopecia, Trichotillomania or an unfortunate event that brought damage to their brows. There are also many people that have had previous eyebrow tattooing years ago that has faded, turned a blue, red, or green color, or simply doesn’t look real, I CAN FIX THAT TOO!!! You can have real NATURAL looking brow strokes that last up to 2 years”

Bourgie Brows Brow Genie

them, she would also be helping her clientele cut down a lot of their daily beauty regimen time. 

Joi Bourgeois

So, in 2015 prior to her son graduating High School and preparing to leave the nest she created her new baby, Bourgie Brows! Joi is now devoting her time, dedication, energy, training, and complete focus into her business and craft. " I will answer any questions and make you feel completely comfortable during your Microblading session as well as after. Oh and don't worry, I will numb you prior to getting your new brows so that the entire session is pain free. Microblading is not a rushed process if you want it done right. The entire visit I am 100% focused on your brows, needs, and wants. I love what I do and I love servicing my clients. I look forward to servicing you and your brows in my salon" 

                                                                                             Your Brow Genie


Certified Microblading Specialist Joi Bourgeois began her journey in 2015 when her and her small group of friends were constantly looking for ways to improve their beauty and still achieve their natural look. Being that your eyebrows make up the majority of your face, what better way than to learn the artistry of eyebrow microblading. Not only would she be able to create beautiful fuller brows perfectly the way her clients want